Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Bigger Picture!

In addition to our primary role as campus staff at School of the Art Institute Chicago, part of our work has been with InterVarsity's National Arts Ministry! We wanted to share with you a story from the bigger picture of our work with InterVarsity, the artists we find across the country and the kind of transformation stories we pray for!

Jomar came to Carroll University this fall as an aspiring rapper sharing his life of alcohol, drugs, and partying through his music. He joined a Bible study with his fraternity brothers, and had an encounter with Jesus that forever transformed his life. He connected his rapping to his life of partying though, and decided that he couldn't continue writing music.

His friends from the study encouraged him to attend Cross Training and consider taking the track called God at Work in the Arts. He spent the weekend immersed in Scripture discussing why the arts are important and discussing what it would mean to use our artistic gifts to serve Jesus on campus. It was after the Saturday evening worship time that Jomar felt like God was calling him to put pen to paper and began to write.

On Sunday morning, he came ready to share the words God had inspired in him and drew a wall-sized version for the group to see! Jomar shared that he felt like God was saying that his art for rapping can now be used as something to bring glory to Him, and that he was excited to get back to writing even more to share.

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